Cross Infection Control at Our Practice

We realize that above everything else patients want to be treated in a safe environment where Cross Infection Control is Paramount. We comply with the highest standards laid down by HTM01-05.

Patient Safety is our top priority.

We have always prided ourselves in the quality of our cross infection control. Patients may notice things like gloves and clean sinks but there is much more to Control than that.

We start with Staff Training. Our staffs know how important this issue is and the role they play in ensuring the highest levels of Cross Infection Control. Our staffs have regular training Cross Infection Control.

In so far as is possible we use disposable materials. Where we re-use we always decontaminate and then we autoclave.

Vacuum Autoclave and Modern Technology

There are basic levels of cross infection control which all dentists have to conform.

We not only train our staff but we invest as well.

To ensure that we can maintain the highest standards we always have a spare Autoclaves so that in the event of a breakdown we can continue to maintain the highest standards.

Cross Infection Control by Design

Our new surgeries were specifically designed for the highest levels of Cross infection control.

Our new surgeries have minimum storage within the clinical area, with most things being stored in our dedicated Sterilisation room. We decided to have drawers rather than cupboards because they allow easier access.

We also decided to have a dedicated area in each surgery for hand washing. This will make it easier to maintain a clean work surface behind the dental chair.

We use bagged instruments and disposables and all used instruments are cleaned away from the surgery in a dedicated decontamination room.

Combined with our high standards of training the separate rooms for decontamination and for sterilised instruments will mean that we are confident about our standards of Cross Infection Control.